Jeffy s online dating secrets for men

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Jeffy s online dating secrets for men

As an author, you’d be required to...: is the book that gives you everything you need to walk the path to “total transformation” because of 1) Jeffy’s “unconventional” personality, 2) his wealth of personal experiences, and 3) the fact that he knows the path like the back of his hand. My first time talking to Jeff was over an internet forum where we’d post about our adventures in pickup-land, and he sent me a private message about how he’d stormed into his fat neighbour’s house in a drunken frenzy and “banged several rolls” until he threw up all over her.Apparently he was holding a frying pan in the air and wearing a giant rubber glove, for no real reason at all.I’m talking the type of book where you’d be able to read it, and instantly understand the process of what it takes to gain total domination at meeting, attracting, pulling, and “cherishing women in the night” over the long term.You’d get a sense of that “banging it out in the gym, day in and day out...” and seeing the incremental progress as it really happens.You’d see what it’s actually like to hook up with girl after girl for months and years on end, not theoretically, but as a deep emotional experience that you feel like you personally lived.

Drawing from his own experiences traveling the world…As opposed to what you normally see where it’s like, “Guy learns game, discovers a few secrets, and POOF, now he’s AWESOME.” It would give you that rich, contextual experience—not only of the changes you need to make in your BEHAVIOUR, but the mental changes, and EMOTIONAL changes, and PARADIGM SHIFTS.We’re talking the unvarnished truth as it really happened, warts and all.AS WELL AS every scandalous detail, sordid incident, and spiritual epiphany that he’s experienced over the past fifteen years.Alright so given that 1) this book is written by none other than JEFFY, and 2) the very obvious “tongue in cheek” tone of this letter so far, you’ve probably already guessed that the book we’re talking about is going to be a DARK COMEDY to the fullest extent.

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No “white washing” to make the author seem cooler or more relatable, but again, the UNVARNISHED TRUTH of the entire game, from the inside out.

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